New blog: The milky toad tutorials

We are about to launch a new microblog with turorials for applications such : photoshop, illustrator, after effects, Ableton Live ,Reason and Cubase.The range will go from beginners to advancede users specially on the audio section We´d like to hear what you demand, since the purpose of this project is to familiarized you with these software very quickly, so you can start your own projects right away.
Most probably we will be focusing on maybe 2 or 3 apps at first, so we can get a decent and useful list of tuts.

If you are a graphic designer/programmer/motiongrapher and would like to get your work published and collaborate send your stuff in, we will give the respective links and credits to the owner.

This blog is intended to be a big resource for information and hopefully it will help you achieve a higher step and help you improve your skills in graphic design and audio editing.

The milky toad team.